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Starting Seeds With Peat Pellets

Dry Peat Pellets Peat Pellets are a handy way to plant seeds that don't do well transplating, yet need to be started indoors. They're compact pellet-like discs filled with compressed soil and wrapped in a net-like substance to hold it all together.
Adding Water Place your pellets in a water tight container and add warm water. The pellets will soak up the water instantly. Once the pellets grow to about 1-1.5 inches in size, pour off the excess water.
Dry Pellet and Wet Pellet Comparison Here's a water-soaked, ready to plant pellet next to a dry pellet straight out of the box.
Ready to Plant Ready to plant pellets in less than 5 minutes
Planted Pellets Planted, marked and ready to start growing!

Helpful Tip: When transplanting your plants grown in peat pellets, either remove or tear the netting around the pellet to help establish your plants more quickly in the ground and avoid root bound plants.

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